Welcome to the Bible of course

Thank you for visiting our site. We are Bible based Christians who want to just share what we once learned. The courses are free and please take a look around our site to find out a little more. You could even follow us on Facebook or YouTube. These links will open in new windows/tabs. Thanks again

About the courses

Christadelphians…. “Christadelphian” means “brothers and sisters in Christ” and we are a group of Christians who believe and teach solely what the Bible says, which we regard as God’s word.  By returning to the beliefs and practices of the first

What will the courses explain?

Who wrote the Bible, and why? What the Bible’s all about. Who wrote the Bible and how it came to us Why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament How all 66 books all relate to a single

Where will the courses take place?

Location of courses We look forward to seeing you. Here is a map to our venue. Christadelphian Hall, Caerleon Road, Newport, NP19 7BZ Check out our Facebook page for updates (this will open in a new tab)