Why attend a Bible course?

Several good reasons why you should attend….

Your Bible study will become more productive: At the end of the course you will be able to use the study tools and knowledge you have gained to understand more about God and His purpose as you read your Bible.

The seminars are open to all whether you are new to Bible reading or have read your Bible for years: There’s always something new to learn! The course is structured so that you learn and develop skills which enable you to read and understand the Bible.

All seminars are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to complete the course. You will never be asked for money or to make a donation of any kind.

Keep an open mind throughout the course and at no point will anyone try to “save” or “convert” you or ask you to join any organisation against your will.


Everyone attending will receive a pack containing material for your own notes and seminar outlines. These hand-outs will allow you to review the material at your own pace between classes. Don’t worry if you miss one as the webpage will have each seminar along with other useful links